Edgy/ Feminine Outfit Inspo

   Hey beautiful people of the internet!!😁 Hope you’re all doing well!
   Edgy and feminine are the two faces of fashion, you either dress up edgy or feminine (or something in between) I decided to share 3 different looks with you guys for some outfit Inspo.




   As you can see I used a red lace top for both the outfits. Except for the feminine one I paired it with a palazzo pant, while the edgy one was paired with skinny leather pants.





White crop tank top is the used in both the outfits.

   The last one I decided to mix it up and blended feminine with edgy!


Hope this inspired you guys
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Aainaaz xx

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6 ways to spice up your everyday casual look!

Hey you guys! Hope you’re having a great day! So today I decided to share with you guys 6 different ways to spice up everyday casual outfits!

1. Necklaces
   Be it a simple pair of jeans with a plain white tee or a simple dress, you can always glam it up with the help of a little bling


2. If a necklace is too scary, go for the chain collar/collar tips.

3. Trade your solids for some patterns.

Stripes are classic, but patterns extend beyond geometric shapes. A simple splash of ornamentation can quirk-ify your style and is also a great alternative for people who aren’t into bright colors

4. Statement with your socks.


Wearing bright socks is one of the simplest ways to grab attention. They shouldn’t match and you shouldn’t be sorry about it

5. Scarves


6. Metal cuffs


   Spice up a simple ponytail with a metal cuff. Its classy yet casual!

Hope this inspired you guys!
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Aainaaz xx

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Outfit Inspo <3

   Hey beautiful people!So today I’m gonna share with you a few ideas on how you can style one simple shirt into 5 different outfits!


1. Pair your shirt with shorts


2. Wear your shirt under an overall (bib) shorts


3. Style it up!:
  Instead of buttoning the shirt, knot the two ends like in this pictureπŸ‘‡
And pair it with a short/ cute skirt!


4. The simple one:


5. Pair your shirt with a maxi skirt.
You can either in your shirt, or leave it as it is. (Looks cute both the way)


   I hope this inspired you guys!
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Halloween costume ideas

   Hey you guys!! So today I am going to share with you some Halloween costume ideas!! Hope you guys like it πŸ™‚

Outfit #1 : Flapper


1. Fringe dress
2. Pointed toe pumps
3. Pearl necklace
4. Black gloves
5. Sequined headband

Outfit #2: Cat:


   This is probably THE easiest Halloween outfit!
1. Black jumpsuit
2. Black pumps
3. Cat headband
   If you don’t own a black jumpsuit, you can always pair black jeans with black shirt or a bkack dress!

Outfit #3: Cowboy girl:


Cowboy girl:
   Yet another easy outfit
1. A flannel shirt
2. A pair of jeans
3. Cowboy boots
4. Cowboy hat

Outfit #4: Biker girl:


Biker chick:
1. A black crop top
2. Leather pants
3. Leather jacket (optional)
4. Chunky heel ankle boot

Outfit #5: Regina George aka Queen:


Regina george:
1. Mean girls inspired shirt or any white tee for that matter
2. A pink shrug
3. Pleated black mini skirt
4. Pointed pumps

  And if all this doesn’t work out you can just wear a simple white tee that  says ‘I’m too cool for Halloween’ Haha πŸ˜€

   Anyways hope you guys liked it,
Until next post,
Xoxo, Aainaaz

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Fall essentials

   Hey you guys!! Hope you are all well πŸ™‚
So todsay I’m gonna share with you guys wardrobe essentials for fall!
( Even though it’s pretty late and I’m really sorry for that)


1. Trench Coat
2. White Shirt
3. Dark coloured pleated skirt
4. Leggings
5. A big comfy sweater
6. Peep toe booties


7. Ballet flats
8. A cape
9. Berry coloured lipstick
10. Dark nail colours

(I do not not own these pictures, they were downloaded from pinterest)

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