Lakmé sheer satin lip gloss review

   Hey you guys! So I’m finally back with another post after SO LONG!!
  So as you guys can say by the title I decided to do a quick review on Lakmè lipgloss.
   Okay so personally I’m not much of a fan of lip glosses, but I thought of trying it out. I’ve always disliked the idea of shimmer/ glitter/ shiny/ glossy stuff on lips. (Like I said not a fan!) But My mom brought this for  me and I thought “Let’s try it out, what’s there to hurt?”
   The product is contained in a classy container. It also has a cute little mirror on the lid.
   The smell is oh so awesome! The product itself stays for only about 2 hours. It’s kinda that ‘posh’ pink colour. Here are some pictures





Would I recommend this?
   Not really because:
1. It doesn’t last long.
2. After it dries out it, my lips become really dry! ( So that’s a NO-NO)
But it’s an okay okay product!

I would rate it a 5/10

Oh and totally pointless to mention this but it tastes yummy XD

Until then,
Lots of love & lipstick stain 😉
Aainaaz xx

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