Halloween costume ideas

   Hey you guys!! So today I am going to share with you some Halloween costume ideas!! Hope you guys like it 🙂

Outfit #1 : Flapper


1. Fringe dress
2. Pointed toe pumps
3. Pearl necklace
4. Black gloves
5. Sequined headband

Outfit #2: Cat:


   This is probably THE easiest Halloween outfit!
1. Black jumpsuit
2. Black pumps
3. Cat headband
   If you don’t own a black jumpsuit, you can always pair black jeans with black shirt or a bkack dress!

Outfit #3: Cowboy girl:


Cowboy girl:
   Yet another easy outfit
1. A flannel shirt
2. A pair of jeans
3. Cowboy boots
4. Cowboy hat

Outfit #4: Biker girl:


Biker chick:
1. A black crop top
2. Leather pants
3. Leather jacket (optional)
4. Chunky heel ankle boot

Outfit #5: Regina George aka Queen:


Regina george:
1. Mean girls inspired shirt or any white tee for that matter
2. A pink shrug
3. Pleated black mini skirt
4. Pointed pumps

  And if all this doesn’t work out you can just wear a simple white tee that  says ‘I’m too cool for Halloween’ Haha 😀

   Anyways hope you guys liked it,
Until next post,
Xoxo, Aainaaz

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