Halloween costume ideas

   Hey you guys!! So today I am going to share with you some Halloween costume ideas!! Hope you guys like it 🙂

Outfit #1 : Flapper


1. Fringe dress
2. Pointed toe pumps
3. Pearl necklace
4. Black gloves
5. Sequined headband

Outfit #2: Cat:


   This is probably THE easiest Halloween outfit!
1. Black jumpsuit
2. Black pumps
3. Cat headband
   If you don’t own a black jumpsuit, you can always pair black jeans with black shirt or a bkack dress!

Outfit #3: Cowboy girl:


Cowboy girl:
   Yet another easy outfit
1. A flannel shirt
2. A pair of jeans
3. Cowboy boots
4. Cowboy hat

Outfit #4: Biker girl:


Biker chick:
1. A black crop top
2. Leather pants
3. Leather jacket (optional)
4. Chunky heel ankle boot

Outfit #5: Regina George aka Queen:


Regina george:
1. Mean girls inspired shirt or any white tee for that matter
2. A pink shrug
3. Pleated black mini skirt
4. Pointed pumps

  And if all this doesn’t work out you can just wear a simple white tee that  says ‘I’m too cool for Halloween’ Haha 😀

   Anyways hope you guys liked it,
Until next post,
Xoxo, Aainaaz

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Lakmé 9 to 5 creaseless crème lipstick review

Hey you guys! I’m back with another post!!
So last week i brought a lipstick, lakmé 9 to 5 creaseless crème in the shade CP9 Brick Lead. I’m not really a fan of light colour shades, so i wanted to try something different and got this lipstick.

First things first: it smells pretty great! And the colour shows with just one swipe, it’s pretty smooth!
  The lipstick cover says ‘9-5’ which means 8 hours but it lasted for like only 4-5 hours. Not really a problem, i mean we can survive with a lipstick that lasts for 5 hours right! 😉
  It is kinda matte and it also has a hint of glimmer.





~ Colour shows with just one swipe.
~ Lasts long
~ Leaves no crease marks on your lips!!

~ None

I would recommend everyone to try out this lipstick 🙂

I really hope you like this post
Until next post ,

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Fall essentials

   Hey you guys!! Hope you are all well 🙂
So todsay I’m gonna share with you guys wardrobe essentials for fall!
( Even though it’s pretty late and I’m really sorry for that)


1. Trench Coat
2. White Shirt
3. Dark coloured pleated skirt
4. Leggings
5. A big comfy sweater
6. Peep toe booties


7. Ballet flats
8. A cape
9. Berry coloured lipstick
10. Dark nail colours

(I do not not own these pictures, they were downloaded from pinterest)

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Beauty Hacks

Hello! Hope you guys are doing well :)x I finally have decided to start this blog! I have been into so much pressure lately and couldn’t cope up with things! And I had push aside everything so that I could focus on myself, but now I finally am doing what I wanted to do long back 🙂
   So I decided ‘what better way to start my blog than a bunch of random beauty hacks?’ I know right? Let’s begin!


1.  Ran out of lip gloss or mascara?
You THINK you ran out of lip gloss and mascara. Products like these tend to stick to the sides of the container. So next time before throwing your empty lip gloss or mascara, toss them into a mug of hot water. The content which is stuck in the sides will eventually start falling from the sides and trust me I’m sure you will have atleast half of the container now!!

2. Like matte colours?  Change any glossy/ shiny lip colour into matte by dabbing a little bit of powder. Apply the lipstick first, then dab the powder on your lips.

3. Can’t get the ‘smokey eye’ right?
Draw a hashtag at the end of your eye/eyelid, blend it using a brush. And voilà!

4. Keep your feet moisturized and soft by applying vaseline to your feet and wear socks before going to bed.

5. To reduxe frizz use a t-shirt to dry your hair rather than a towel. And follow a routine.

6. Ran out of eyeliner/gel? Don’t worry I got ya covered! Just take your mascara and a small eye liner brush and grab the content on the brush!

7. Make your eyes look more awake by lining your inner rim with a nude eye pencil.

8.  Always keep your makeup remover near your bed, so that no matter how tired you are, you’ll have no excuse to not remove your makeup!

9. Has your  mascara dried up?
Just add saline solution to re-wet it!

10. Make your eyeshadow pop by covering your eyelid with white eyeliner.

There you have it! Hope you guys liked it 🙂 x

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