Mini Maybelline Haul

​Hello Guys! So I went shopping recently, and brought myself a bunch of Maybelline stuff! Maybelline is hands down my favourite brand. So here goes:

1. Maybelline the nudes palette: ₹899 

   I am a beginner in makeup, so when it comes to eyeshadows I have absolutely 0% of knowledge! I read somewhere that Nude makeup is an easy way for a beginner to master the skills of make-up and I thought “why not try out the nude palette?”  

   As you can see it consists of 12 shades, all very ‘Nude’. There is also a helpful guide at the back of the palette. 

2. Maybelline fit me concealer: ₹500

    Shade: 10 light Leger 

3. Maybelline fit me compact : ₹225

 Shade: 04 Sand beige

4. Maybelline color show lipstick: ₹300

   Shade: 408 violet vibe

As the name indicates, it is really violet-y and has a shimmery touch to it 

5 Maybelline color sensational lipstick: ₹450

Shade: Red bouquet. 

6. Maybelline Vivid & Smooth liner: 
Shade: Bordeaux Pearl.

Here’s a swatch: 

So that is it for this post! 

Let me know if you liked it 

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How to live a carefree life❤


   To live a carefree lifestyle, you must avoid caring about the outcome.  Be fine with what happens.

-Self love

   Learn to love yourself and forget about what others might think of you. All too often we find ourselves obsessing over what others think about us, when what really matters is how we value ourselves.

Positive attitude

   Live each day with a positive attitude and let go of the negativeness. Focusing on the positive aspects of life will make you more compassionate towards others.

Have fun

   Spend time relaxing, pampering yourself and doing the little things you love.


   Laugh more often, watch a comedy or joke around with your friends and family.

-Letting go

   Let go of the grudges which you’ve been holding against those who’ve wronged you. These grudges will only hinder you in your quest to live a carefree life.

-Ask yourself

   Will it matter in 5 years? Imagine yourself living 5 years from now, thinking back. Will it bother you?
   Nobody deserves to be unhappy, Be positive, spread love and keep smiling.

Untill next post,
Aainaaz xx

July 2016 fabbag review❤

​   Hello lovelies! I am really excited about today’s post!! It’s a review on The fab bag July 2016 edition!! And I know I’m using a lot of exclamation marks because this is my very first subscription to a beauty box/bag. Okay so let’s get into it.

   So this month’s theme was ‘Hello gorgeous’ The bag had a leather-y feel to it. It’s really beautiful blue bag with pink lipstick stains on it.

   So the first thing in the bag was a Johara instant radiance face scrub at the price 500 INR for 100gm. 

   Then there is a pep moisture velvet shampoo at the price 119 INR for 50ml.

   Skin yoga coffee body scrub at the cost of 845 INR. You get the bag itself for ₹599! Plus I’ve never used a body scrub before and I’m very excited to try it out!

   And the last product is a Lipstick (which i’m totally obsessed with!)SUGAR it’s A-pout time! In the shade ‘The big bang berry’ at the cost of 599INR

   I’m impressed with fab bag, probably gonna get a yearly subscription! 


 It would have been nice if the products above had a Lil’ bit more quantity, but otherwise it’s worth it!)

   So let me know if this helped you guys! It would mean the world to me if you guys could just hit the like button 🙂 

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Lots of love and lipstick stains;)

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Lakmè enrich satin Lipstick – M421 Review❤

Hello guys! How are y’all doing? So today I’m doing a short review on Lakmè enrich satin Lipstick in the shade: M421 

   The shade is absolutely to die for! Not too brown and not too plum! I mean it’s Perfect! It costs only 200INR. Which is affordable! 

   When it comes to lipsticks ( or any beauty products for that matter) what natters the most is how long it lasts, and when it comes to this category I’m pretty pleased with this product!

   It has a creamy texture which make it easy to apply the lipstick with just one swipe!


1. Lasts long

2. Affordable price


1. Leaves your lips dry and flakey after a few hours

   Over all I think it’s a really good product! It’s really hard for me to find proper dark shades of lipsticks because of my skin tone, and I’m absolutely in love with this one! 

Hope this helped!

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Edgy/ Feminine Outfit Inspo

   Hey beautiful people of the internet!!😁 Hope you’re all doing well!
   Edgy and feminine are the two faces of fashion, you either dress up edgy or feminine (or something in between) I decided to share 3 different looks with you guys for some outfit Inspo.




   As you can see I used a red lace top for both the outfits. Except for the feminine one I paired it with a palazzo pant, while the edgy one was paired with skinny leather pants.





White crop tank top is the used in both the outfits.

   The last one I decided to mix it up and blended feminine with edgy!


Hope this inspired you guys
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How to: Softer lips


• Moisturize:
   Make sure your lips are moisturized at all times. Use Vaseline at night and natural ChapStick through out the day.
Like baby lips, eos, nivea and lots more

• Lip scrub:
   You can buy lip scrubs or make your own!
The most common scrub is 1/3 sugar, 1/3 olive oil and 1/3 honey,
Mix it all together and scrub twice a week.

• Have good habits!
~Drink plenty of water, Don’t lick/bite your lips and eat lots of fruits if vegetables!

Using these 3 simple steps your lips will be super soft in no time!

Hope this helped!
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6 ways to spice up your everyday casual look!

Hey you guys! Hope you’re having a great day! So today I decided to share with you guys 6 different ways to spice up everyday casual outfits!

1. Necklaces
   Be it a simple pair of jeans with a plain white tee or a simple dress, you can always glam it up with the help of a little bling


2. If a necklace is too scary, go for the chain collar/collar tips.

3. Trade your solids for some patterns.

Stripes are classic, but patterns extend beyond geometric shapes. A simple splash of ornamentation can quirk-ify your style and is also a great alternative for people who aren’t into bright colors

4. Statement with your socks.


Wearing bright socks is one of the simplest ways to grab attention. They shouldn’t match and you shouldn’t be sorry about it

5. Scarves


6. Metal cuffs


   Spice up a simple ponytail with a metal cuff. Its classy yet casual!

Hope this inspired you guys!
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